About David Griffith

Whether David Griffith is producing portraits of corporate business executives, or shooting fashion models on location in the Caribbean, his people photography incorporates portraiture and fine art together in an elegant combination. Griffith's style reflects a perception and a manner of working with subjects that is uniquely his own. Griffith attributes his distinctive style to an unusual education. Working with an award winning international sculptor and designer, he was able to broaden his artistic horizons and look at art through a different and more mature set of eyes. "Over many years of work, I was challenged to produce photos that looked completely different, and this helped enormously in defining my own approach."

This difference is seen through two major projects. "Carnival" is the result of a fourteen year labour of love documenting various festivals throughout the Caribbean and North America. David sought to capture the raw emotion, colour and movement found in a Caribbean carnival. Twenty of these images were on display at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. and subsequently toured a number in galleries in North America.

In addition to "Carnival", Griffith is compiling work for another exhibition. Documenting Spirit is a series of compelling colour portraits of subjects with significant makeup or costuming. In this body of work, lighting and the emotive expressions of the sitters provide the focus for the work.